Create a Calendar Events

Getting Started

If your module page does not have the Upcoming Events or Calendar block, you can add it to your module page.

1. Click Turn editing on at the top right of your module page.

2. Scroll down the left-hand sidebar, and click on Add a block 

3. In the Add a block window, select Calendar or Upcoming events. The page is refreshed, and the new block displays.

Creating a New Event

Note: This will explain how to create a New Event in Learning Portal. Staff can create events inside their modules.

1. Go to the relevant module page where you want to create the new event.

2. On your module page, look for the 'Upcoming Events' block and click on the 'New event…' link. 

3. Select Type of event.

  • Course events - will be visible to participants of the module.
  • Group events - will be visible to a particular Group of the module (chosen from a drop-down list).
  • User events - will only be visible only to the user currently logged in.

4. Enter the Event title, Description, Date, Duration (optional), and Repeated events (optional); of your event.

5. Click Save Changes to update your information.

Last modified: Monday, 5 July 2021, 12:00 PM