Configure Chat Activity

Configure Chat Activity

1. On your module page, Turn editing on (upper right-hand corner).

2. In the relevant topic section, click Add an activity or resource.

3. Select Chat from the Activities menu.

4. Under the General section, enter an informative name for the chat session. For example: "Class Chat - Mon 8-9am". In the Description field, enter some text informing students of the purpose and expectations from this chat. 

5. Under the Chat sessions section, configure the following settings:

a. Next chat time - choose the date and time for the first chat session

b. Repeat/publish session times - there are 4 available options for scheduling the sessions

  • Don't publish any chat times: This means there are no fixed times and students are welcome to chat anytime
  • No repeats - publish the specified time only: Only the specified date and time in the Next chat time field will be published
  • At the same time every day: Selecting this option means the chat will be open same time everyday
  • At the same time every week: The chat session will be available weekly

c. Save past sessions - Select how many days to save the chat sessions for or save everything by selecting Never delete messages.

d. Everyone can view past sessions - Teachers can always view past sessions. Decide here whether or not to allow students to view past chat sessions.

6. Click Save and return to course.

To participate in Chat Session

1. Click on the chat session link

2. To enter the chat session, click on Click here to enter the chat now or click on Use more accessible interface for an alternative chat interface if you require browsing without frames and javascript

3. To post a message, type a message at the bottom and click send.

Last modified: Wednesday, 15 September 2021, 11:14 PM