Setup Feedback Activity

Setup Feedback Activity

1. On your module page, Turn editing on (upper right-hand corner).

2. In the relevant topic section, click Add an activity or resource.

3. Select Feedback from the Activities menu.

4. Under the General section, enter a name for the Feedback activity.  In the Description field, enter some text informing students of the purpose or instructions for the activity.

5. Under Availability, set the Allow answers from and the Allow answers to fields by clicking on the enable boxes next to each field.

6. Set your options under Questions and submissions settings for the following:
Record user names - feedback can be submitted anonymously or you can choose to log user's name with their answers
Allow multiple submissions - choose whether users can submit more than one piece of feedback
Enable notification of submissions - if enabled, you will get an email notification for each submission
Auto number questions - if enabled then questions will be automatically numbered

7. Under After submission, set the following options:
Show analysis page - Choose whether or not to display an analysis of the feedback received so far to students once they have submitted their own feedback
Completion message - Text to display to students once they have submitted their feedback 
Link to next activity - After the students submit their feedback they will see a continue button. If they click on continue they will be redirected to the module page. Otheriwse, paste a URL to redirect students to another page or website if required.

8. Complete the rest of the settings (Common module settings, Restrict access, Tags, Competencies) if required. Otherwise, click Save and display.

Create Questions for your Feedback Activity
1.  Click on the Edit questions tab on the Feedback overview page

2. Click on Add question and choose a question type or page element such as a page break, captcha, information, label from the drop-down list.

3. If you select page break or captcha,  you need not provide any input. If you choose a label or question, then complete the necessary fields as required. Below is an example of a multiple-choice question. Click Save question upon completing the required fields. Note that you can opt whether the question is required to be answered for the feedback to be completed.

4. Should you need to edit the question after saving the feedback activity, you may return to the overview page and click on Edit questions tab and edit the question accordingly.

Note: It is possible to create a question based on another question's answer. This means that if a student gives a particular answer, then the next question will be displayed. For example, if a student answers very dissatisfied in the overall rating question, I can show/ask them the next question as to why were they very dissatisfied. This can be done by selecting a dependence item which is the first question. And for the dependence value field enter the answer that must be selected for this question to be displayed. See the example below or you may also click on the ? next to the dependence item for further details.

Student's view upon completing the Feedback activity

To view Responses
1. On the overview page, click on Show responses

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