• Results Release

    Results for English and Diploma programmes will be released on 5th June 2022, at 2pm. 
    Results for Degree and Masters programmes will be released on 9th June 2022, at 2pm. 

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    Student Exchange Briefing AY23/24 BA Level 2 Students

    A briefing will be conducted by the Quality & Planning and Global Engagement (DQPGE) on the opportunity for a semester of overseas exchange with our Partner Institutions. Attendance at the briefing is compulsory if you intend to apply for exchange.

    Who should attend:
    BA (Hons) Level 2 stdents who are interested to go on exchange in Year 2 Semester 2 i.e. Jan - Jun 2024.
    > Applications for exchange by students who did not attend this briefing will be rejected

    Bachelors level 2 students click here for more info ...
    • Thursday, 1 Jun 2023, 12pm - 1pm
    • Friday, 11 Aug 2023, 4pm - 5pm
    • Monday, 14 Aug 2023, 4pm - 5pm

    > You only need to attend 1 briefing session

    Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 958 6960 3661
    Passcode: 278537

    > You will only be admitted into the Zoom session if you are signed-in using your LASALLE account.

    More information on Student Exchange will be published on the Learning Portal after the briefing sessions. You may contact global_engagement@lasalle.edu.sg if you have any questions.

    Access to NAFA Library

    Wef from 1 February 2023, LASALLE staff and students can access the NAFA Library.
    Visitors must sign out for the access card from the LASALLE library counter.
    Please check the NAFA Library for the opening hours and to explore their collection.

    If you're interested in borrowing a book from the NAFA library, please email library@lasalle.edu.sg to arrange an interlibrary loan. All loans will be subjected to NAFA loan policies and fines. The interlibrary loan request should only be for resources unavailable in the LASALLE library.

    Loss of the access card would subject the bearer to a $50/- replacement fee.